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The New Media Drug

Galloway addresses the effects of social realism of both videogames (and other mediums) in his third chapter. It is particularly interesting how Galloway draws on the relationship between videogames and other types of media (particularly film) throughout Gaming. It was not so long ago that we, as a society, were fighting the same fights about representations in film not more than half a century ago. Whenever there is a new medium introduced to society, there is a cycle we go through as societal sheep. Be it radio, television, videogames, or the Internet, we go through these basic steps. First we are enthralled with the new technology. It is an entirely new way to reach people and we cannot seem to get enough of it. Much like a drug, we become skeptical. What are the side effects? With the amount of said media we are consuming, what will this do to us? Will we become violent? Will we have an unrealistic view of society? Will we lack ability to adequately maintain interpersonal relationships? Eventually all this talk and skepticism dies down to a degree (the noise will always be there) and a new medium is introduced and the cycle begins again.



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