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Devilishly Tricky Training (Res #6)

Nintendo has a set of games that are intended to increase your brain activity (Brain Age: Concentration Training). The introduction on their website expresses the reality that we as humans are being overloaded with communication and need a brain boosting game such as theirs to make our brains work better. I do not know if this is what is needed but the marketing technique works for me. It shows a simple game that they suggest using at least five minutes a day and it is supposed to make you more apt at doing your job and functioning altogether. It reminds me of being prescribed something to do or a medicine to take by a physician. The game they show in the introduction is a set of simple math equations. They even say that you can play them on-line with friends to make it competitive. This product is meant for the Nintendo 3DS and is marketed as being needed just as a person needs Vitamin D supplements if they are deficient.



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