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Games Research 4: Game Flow and Effective Exercising

In the American Journal of Health Behavior, an article entitled Energy Cost and Game Flow of 5 Exer-games studies that link between the game flow a player experienced with the measured energy expenditure of the player.  As expected, the game flow and measured energy expenditure  of these 5 exergames studied showed that they were directly related, with StepMania being the game that scored the highest in both game flow and the energy expired by the player, while Dance Central scored the lowest of the 5 games tested.  I thought this article / study was well put together, and one that I will reference in my paper.

Bronner, Shaw, Russell Pinsker, and J. Adam Noah. “Energy Cost and Game Flow of 5 Exer-games in Trained Players.” American Journal of Health Behavior (2013): 369-80. Print.



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