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Gaming 1: New Media Design

For my research assignment I’m going to present and analyze an emerging medium in video gaming. I recently connected with a young entrepreneur who’s creating a Brooklyn based startup installing gaming systems in bars. The goal is to encourage and enhance face-to-face interaction through video gaming. He is creating a localized network that enables smart phones to act as controllers. I’m helping design several games that utilize this environmentally specific platform so that game play crosses real space through specifically designed operator interaction as well as non-player diegetic incorporation. I’ve been pushing to incorporate simple concepts from ARGs and RPGs to turn operator acts like button pressing into secondary narrative objectives of social interaction that intersect with the game in the same way that Eddo Stern notes nondiegetic machine acts can be “metaphorically patched artifacts” (Galloway 31). In this sense, we hope to create and aid in complex social games that are nested within our mini games that make full use of the technology that comprises this new gaming platform. My project will consist of wireframes maps of the games as well as comprehensive notes and discussions that connect my design with the logic of this course. This is an analysis in real-time, so it may also reflect the production process, and will only be able to account for this process through the paper’s due date. If the wireframe process becomes too cumbersome in relation to deadline, I’ll confine my research project to a more traditional discussion on the medium as it relates to the design process.



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