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Gaming Addiction (Res #8)

Has video gaming become an addiction that warrants studies that focus directly on the psychological affects of two much gaming? There are treatments that are given to people that are diagnosed with a gaming addiction. Is an obsessive personality the leading cause of this new found ailment and does that mean that it is like such things as alcoholism? There are twelve step programs that people can go through to kick this addiction. There are few doctors that fall into the field of helping people with this but they are out there and there are different ways of treating them. If they are cured of this addiction will the person become addicted to something else that could be just as bad if not worse than gaming? Are cigarettes a better habit to have, I don’t know if treating a person’s specific addiction is the way to go, the addictive personality should be the focus and not just the gaming. What an interesting article on the subject.



One thought on “Gaming Addiction (Res #8)

  1. I’ve used the expression ‘addictive’ given to games many times, but I had no idea there was actually 12 step programs for it. I suppose it is detrimental to a person’s life to succumb to a habit in which there is literally no physical activity (nobody is addicted to Wii Fit I’m assuming). I’ve also heard of people losing their jobs because they do not show up as a result of playing video games too much. However, I do not think that gaming is as urgent an issue as other addictions to such things as alcohol and other drugs. It does turn you into a loser if you don’t have a job and just play games all day, but it won’t kill you.

    Posted by sccrdude540 | June 24, 2013, 4:58 pm

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