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Hand held Game Helps Boy (Res #3)

I was researching and found that the topic for my paper was not interesting to me and found something that actually intrigues me, so glad I found it out now and not two days before it was due. Anyway I have stopped looking into the progression of video gaming to the affect that gaming, with a focus on hand held games, is having on the mental and physical parts of people’s lives. Are they a great use of people’s time or do they distract people from the reality that their lives are not what they expect. Does gaming have a medicinal function? I found an article on Google scholar that sparked a lot of thought in this matter. It is about a boy who used a hand held game to stop from picking at his lip that was becoming deformed. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC558687/



One thought on “Hand held Game Helps Boy (Res #3)

  1. I feel like this is just going from one bad habit to another. This is a huge thing with video games as they have such an addictive quality to them. There’s that word again, addiction. It comes up every time we discuss the circumstances of video games. For medicinal purposes, however, it would not be the only addictive method. Many drugs that people take for things like pain and anxiety are highly addictive. I work for a doctor, and some drugs are so misused that he cannot even prescribe them anymore because he is a primary care provider. Only a specialist in that drugs specific field can provide it for their patients because of its dangerous potential. Could this be the future for video games? They are already implementing ‘go do something else’ options that parents can set on their children’s gaming systems.

    Posted by sccrdude540 | June 24, 2013, 9:49 pm

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