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Research 4: _Evolution of Public Entertainment through UI

This article focuses on the new type of gaming controls which have been dubbed gesture controls.  This gesture based interface is the same as we have seen used with systems like the Wii and the new XBOX Kinect.  The study focuses on the technical aspect of the interface describing many of the algorithms behind the function of these gesture based devices as well as describing how hard it is to filter out the background image and discern the player from possible spectators or other objects in the room.  They focused on public gaming environments in which the user would be constantly changing and how well it was able to react to the input of the player.  They finished with an experiment that shows the progression of this type of interface from the Wiimote to a video monitoring system such as in the Kinect and showed that the accuracy of the video system was very close to the remote making it a viable control system to be utilized in the future.


Roccetti, Marco, Gustavo Marfia, and Angelo Semeraro. “Playing into the Wild: A Gesture-based Interface for Gaming in Public Spaces.” Elsevier (2011): 426-40. Web. 18 June 2013. <http://ac.els-cdn.com.gate.lib.buffalo.edu/S1047320311001684/1-s2.0-S1047320311001684-main.pdf?_tid=a58301ba-dccd-11e2-ad22-00000aacb362&acdnat=1372078838_f2b690a0a9584c2493c46f91d5fc68e4&gt;.



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