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Research 5: _Kinematics in Gesture Interface

This is another almost purely technical article focusing on using kinematic equations and the focus on the representation of human motion accurately.  They were comparing the different types of particle filters trying to prove that proper accuracy is achieved through a kinematic chain model which differs from the standard kinematic model due to it association of the users limbs and using these associations in order to accurately track movement.  This just means that the computer knows that the hand is connected to the forearm and the forearm to the arm the arm to the shoulder and the so on.  This combined with some vector equations tells the game what position the user has taken.  Ultimately interesting information but may be too specific for this report.

Chai, YoungJoon, SeungHo Shin, Kyusik Chang, and TaeYong Kim. “Real-time User Interface using Particle Filter.” IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 56 (2010): 510-15.



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