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Research 6: _Screen size and Resolution

As technology has advanced so has the items to which we view on them such as video games and movies.  This group performed tests in order to find if the size of the screen had any relation to gameplay as well as the resolution of the screen.  They were also interested in finding the ideal screen size in which this would be maximized.  Using a RTS game that involved locating the enemy around a large map they tested the user’s ability to win using various combinations of screen resolution and size.  What they found was that there was a significant improvement in the amount of wins in the larger screens where the smaller screen found the player panning the majority of the time they played.  They had proven that a larger user interface gave the player more information faster allowing them to make quicker decisions as well as have a better view of the game.  A secondary experiment was also performed using a more modern game on a projection screen and they also found that the player was able to achieve higher scores on the larger screen as long as the resolution was improved to match.

Sabri, Andrew J., Robert G. Ball, Alain Fabian, Saurabh Bhatia, and Chris North. “High-resolution gaming: Interfaces, notifications,.” Interacting with Computers (2007): 151-66



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