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Research 7: Aggressive Games Make People Violent vs Less Violent

Another source that I found that is direct like the my fifth or sixth post, is actually a newspaper article.  Coming all the way from California, “Video Games Don’t Cause Violence” by Erik Huey in the San Francisco Chronicle, is much more direct.  The title states what the author is fighting for and is straight forward.  However, this article does bring up some evidence that has been used in some of my past posts but with a bit more useful tips.  Huey throws in that children have been effected since the 50’s from comic books that shows explicit images, language, and more.  As it states, “a Senate subcommittee determined that the United States could not ‘afford the calculated risk involved in feeding its children, through comic books, a concentrated diet of crime, horror and violence.’  Some comic books were burned, and some states passed laws making it a crime to sell them.”  Within today’s society, video games suffer the same exact thing as comic books did in the 50’s.  However there is no scientific proof that video games do cause any violent behaviors from gamers or players.  “The U.S. Supreme Court agreed in 2011 when it struck down a California law seeking to regulate the sale and rental of computer and video games: ‘Psychological studies purporting to show a connection between exposure to violent video games and harmful effects on children do no prove that such exposure causes minors to act aggressively'”.  Interestingly enough the video game industry represent $80 billion, but the crime rate has drastically been dropping since videos have gained popularity.  Huey poses a question that can make the reader think about it, “What poses a greater threat – a digital gun or an actual gun?”  Yes I have stated in a past post that guns due teach young children the responsibility on using guns, but what can actually hurt or kill a person more in real life?  This brings up the argument between the two and it will still continue.  But for now, Huey defends video games in a very straight forward article.



2 thoughts on “Research 7: Aggressive Games Make People Violent vs Less Violent

  1. I’ve always thought this was utter nonsense, and your research here has provided plenty of statistical evidence to support that. Violence exists everywhere in pop culture–film, literature, videogames, etc. I’ve heard the argument that the interactivity in games is the difference maker, but movies and books arguably do just as good if not better of a job of engrossing the consumer. Normal people don’t usually commit murder or shoot people. Not to get all Jane McGonigal on you, but to continue with your theme, most scientific evidence points towards videogaming being an activity very beneficial to one’s overall mental health.

    Posted by bretth2 | June 24, 2013, 11:51 pm
  2. I agree with bretth2, if video games are to blame for violent behavior, all other mediums of entertainment are right there with them. Have you ever come out of the theatre of a really good action flick kicking and punching the air? Or as a kid, put on every black piece of clothing you had and pretended to be the super spy you read about in your Alex Rider novels? Ok, that one was a little specific, but you get what I mean. People commit violent crimes simply because they have a screw loose, and I don’t think video games, or any other forms of entertainment are holding the screwdriver.

    Posted by sccrdude540 | June 25, 2013, 1:05 am

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