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Research Blog #5: Overcoming Topic Challenges

When I picked the topic of video games and education, the specific goal I had in mind was to find ways that video games can and have been incorporated into the education system.  I chose this because I have heard a lot about this in my education classes and also because I thought it could possibly benefit me in the future as I continue on my track towards becoming a certified teacher with a full time job in a school.  Based on how often this kind of topic came up in my classes, I figured it would be relatively simple to find the type of information I was looking for.  However, up until now I have not had such luck.  Most of the articles I found were about how video games promote brain functions, which in turn can help performance in school.  While this information is interesting, it is not specifically what I was looking for to write my paper on.  I was using the terms “video games and education” to help find my topics and struggled finding what I wanted.  However, I recently realized that instead of saying “education”, I should say “classroom” and this has helped me find exactly the types of topics I was looking for.  To me, the words “education” and “classroom” are very similar so I figured they would pull up the same type of results, but to my pleasant surprise, I was mistaken.  This makes me feel a lot more comfortable with my research because I am finding a lot on how video games can be used in specific areas, such as the middle school classroom, and also science and literature classrooms.  This goes to show that the exact words you use when looking for information are extremely important.



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