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Thesis Statement 1st Try (Res #10)

Gaming and Its Influence on Peoples Condition

Gaming has many different effects on people in many different ways. From the beginning of video games there have been beneficial and adverse consequences of their influence on the entire world. People use games for many different reasons and game are created for many different reasons. There are medical studies showing how games are produced for the sole benefit of healing a person physically and or mentally. There are studies on how gaming has become an addiction that destroys people’s lives. Are the people that write about gaming right or wrong or does everyone have a small piece of the puzzle? We can all agree that gaming has become a huge part of our world for the good or bad. Video games have an ever growing set of applications for how they impact so many. From our youth to our elders games are playing a larger role in a person’s everyday existence, the length of their lives, and the quality of their lives.

From everything that I have been reading I think that all the different ways games can be applied to a person’s life is almost limitless. As I write I will decide if the applications are fundamentally positive or negative but for some reason I don’t believe I will come up with a definitive answer.



2 thoughts on “Thesis Statement 1st Try (Res #10)

  1. It seems like you are on the right path for your research and have made several insightful observations. As we saw in the last reading assignment “Ready player one” that an atmosphere based on games can certainly have a negative effect on the world leading to their dystopian society but I think that with all things a certain amount of moderation can go a long way in improving the impact of something. A comment was made in the TV series by the main character about another wanting to make every day awesome saying to him “if every day is awesome then no days are awesome”. Just meaning it is the lows that allow you to appreciate the highs, so maybe tempering gaming with a different kind of activity to give the gamer a sense for why it is better.

    Also last year when I was home sick for a couple days games really helped pass the time as well as take my focus off of being sick. A game with the proper immersion can work wonders when it comes to keeping the mind occupied.

    Posted by diomazurek | June 24, 2013, 3:29 pm
  2. The mental and physical effects of videogaming are certainly a significant area of study. As you observe, there is no way to determine if gaming is “good” or “bad.” It’s too general a question with too many variables. The general piece of advice I give when making a claim is that you have to say something with which your audience might disagree, so as you refine your thesis, you’ll want to think about some more specific claim that you can make. You might want to narrow your claim to a particular game or genre of games. You might want to look at particular kinds of mental or physical effects. Or you might want to look at a specific claim that another has made (e.g. McGonigal claims that playing videogames for a certain number of hours per week is beneficial).

    Posted by Alex Reid | June 25, 2013, 7:04 am

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