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Research 10: An Intro Idea….

I believe I have finished up with my research and am working on formulating my argument. I quickly wrote up this introduction to help get my head on straight and figure out what I want to say. Here you go:

Video games exist in the realm of the impossible, from the immense and fantastic of World of Warcraft, to the undead attacks of zombies in Call of Duty, to the director-of-evolution God-stance of Spore. Players are immersed in heavily designed worlds that emphasize the limitations of reality (will probably throw in a quote from McGonigal). For example, players have the ability to interact with practically limitless freedom with their environment, something one cannot do in reality (we are barred from entering “Authorized Only” areas or intruding into other people’s homes). While the worlds of video games are diverse, video games emphasize one of the most important limitations of realities: the narrow ideas that prevail in the dominant cultural ideology. American cultural ideology idealizes and video games depict hypersexual and passive females and hypermasculine, dominant males. Video games merely repeat the ideology of the dominant culture but in light of the beautiful, imaginative, and impossible play environments and situations which create a new reality, this is troubling. By only emphasizing and not presenting novelty, video games perpetuate the belief in traditional gender roles. In unlimited environments the lack of variety in the representation of humans suggests the inability of those acculturated in the dominant ideology to fully separate from it.



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