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Research Blog #7: Serious Games

This article gives a good look into what universities are doing to help break the technology barrier in a majority of grade school settings.  The idea is to create educational video games specifically designed for the classroom.  The goal of these games is to expand the learning environment to outside a room with four and into many different worlds with different qualities that can help the learning process.  Research suggests that these games need to have a chat based model, meaning a way for students to interact with others in the particular game world, allowing for learning based on communication and relationships.  The article gives an example of an entire course that was taught through a personally created video game.  Each student created an avatar which then could roam the video game world, which included a virtual classroom.  Along with virtual lectures, many minigames were deigned into the game to help with various science topics such as the phases of the moon. This seems like a fascinating idea to me, because this does not just incorporate video games into the classroom, but it turns the entire class into a video game, which would be greatly enjoyed by students.  I definitely feel as though I will incorporate this into my final paper.  One problem I do find with this, however, is how costly this would be to implement, which would make many people skeptical about the possibility of this actually happening.

Annetta, Len. “Serious Games: Incorporating Video Games in the Classroom.” Educause Review Online (2006): n. pag. Directory of Open Access Journals. Web. 25 June 2013.



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