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Research Post 5: A start

In this post I will lay out what the first paragraph of my paper will be. This is subject to editing as I get deeper into my research and hash out my thoughts a little better.

In order to be involved in the debate regarding violent video games and their correlation to violent behavior  one does not have to be a video game player. In fact this issue has taken the forefront on the national scene in the past decade with many blaming video games for violent tragedies including school shootings like Columbine and Newtown. Research into this topic has been conducted for the past two decades as researchers try to get a handle on how violent video games effect people’s behaviors, especially young men. This paper will examine the past two decades worth of research in an attempt to better understand what scientists thoughts are on this topic. The expectations in this research is that there will not be a consensus among researchers and most research will be too split to draw any reasonable conclusions.

This paragraph will be followed by a few short paragraphs that will briefly discuss my findings before jumping into the meat of my paper which will discuss in further depth and analyze data that will support my thesis statement.



One thought on “Research Post 5: A start

  1. I have always found the use of media as a scapegoat for violence as interesting due to the fact that for an experiment to be scientifically valid it must be able to be repeated. With the amount of violent video games on the market as well as music and movies by the assumptions made by most of these studies we should all be mass murderers. This is obviously true which most attribute to proper home life or other factors but I think it comes down to people. Before the breakout of these Medias was there no violence such as this? Did parents blame classical composers for making their children angry with passionate music or were everyone a bit more innocent then? I think the answer has to do more with two factors that are crucial to modern society, communication as well as firepower. Communication allows everyone to hear of these events as opposed to just the area knowing of the event. Then there is firepower which allows the person to do significant damage to many with little effort, imagine a kid with a musket trying to do the same thing, “wait while I load please” “can someone help me hold this gun up it is very heavy and not very ergonomic”. Lastly maybe due to a weaker societal bond we react more to isolation allowing for greater effect from stimulus. When left alone with violent media the effect is multiplied as opposed to someone who hangs with friends and family and doesn’t feel so isolated.

    I think you have a good idea but the research may need to extend back a little further to accurately capture where the effect occurs.

    Posted by diomazurek | June 26, 2013, 3:15 pm

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