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Games Research # 10

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Stereotyping goes both ways. One can argue that there is a certain amount of gender bias toward men. Yet this stereotyping is not necessarily seen as harmful to the male gamer, it has an opposite effect.  Male players would choose character, which appears stronger and more muscular. Game makers wish to entice the male audience by creating characters, which appear unrealistic, but still fall into the ideal image of masculinity. When looking at video games at a glance, the cover shows more males than female characters. In a study carried out by Melinda C. R. Burgess and Steven Paul Stermer and Stephen R. Burgess: ‘Sex, Lies, and Video Games: The Portrayal of Male and Female Characters on Video Game Covers’ showed that even though women have increased in frequency and appear more in games male characters were almost four times more likely to appear than their female counterparts. Over that, females portrayed in theses games were shown negatively. This ranged from their lack of action, role in games and the way they were dressed. The researchers go on to state that most of the females are placed in the ‘ groupie status’ as they are not given any action and are not part of the game at all. As violence in games connotes power, having male characters taking control and fighting adversaries, makes male characters more powerful. In most battle games female characters lose energy and die more quickly than male characters, again making them weaker and less powerful.  In both cases, male and female characters in games are portrayed in idealistic extremes. The men are either muscular or very muscular and the women are busty or very busty this makes hyper sexuality a common or a must have trait in video games







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