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Research 10: Aggressive Games Make People Violent vs Less Violent

For my final post for my research project, I must admit it is hard to take sides as a reader.  At the end of all of the research and posts I think I came to my final conclusion and decision.  There simply is not enough evidence to prove to me that violent video games can cause violent behavior or not.  In my last post an author compared the situation or the dispute to the chicken and the egg.  What came first?  Violent video games that influence children to become more violent or violent children playing video games to begin with.  In reality what people have to realize about this situation is that people have been influenced and attracted towards this type of attraction or entertainment since the 1950’s.  That’s when the first of comic books and super heroes came out and children at that time were obsessed with the books.  From there they started to become banded in states and weren’t allowed in some bookstores.  Then there are movies, books, and the list continues on and on to what children look to as violent entertainment.  With this “violent entertainment” children are influenced to have an increase in emotional behavior that may seem aggressive, however in some case these influenced emotions have not been pushed to the point where violent actions based upon the violence in video games.  As if someone threw a bouncy ball in a small tight room, it bounces against the walls on and on.  Just like this dispute and argument.  It’s an on going argument that I honestly don’t see an end to at all.



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