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Research # 7 : Introduction

I have finished my research and have begun my essay. This is the introduction:

The role of a character, whether played in movies, music video, books or video games, is one, which has a power to shape and affect the personality of the receiver.  A video game takes human to character interaction a step further by having the player live through the character being shown on screen.  Video games, more than any other media has had its share of criticism, being labelled as dangerous and addictive. This essay will not explore the ‘video game is harmful’ debate, but will look at a more social problem occurring in the gaming world- gender stereotyping and how video games affect the way we look and treat female gamers. It is socially accepted that gaming is a ‘man thing’ and female gamers are rare. The gaming industry has not done much to solve this problem; in fact they seem to have enhanced it by creating stereotypical female characters, which create social and cognitive issues. This essay will, therefore, explore the relationship between gaming and gender identity and asking: How do game affect gender and promote gender stereotyping?



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