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Research 8: _Influence of Games over tech Culture

This research report expands upon the influence of gaming over technology and user interfaces across all industries.  They sum all of the influence of the game industry into five forces which are; computer hardware costs, game software power, social acceptance, other industry successes, and native industry experimentation.  Games have recently surpassed movies in annual profit making them one of the largest industries today.  They believe this is why games have been integrated into many facets of our lives reaching as far as being integrated into military simulations as well as using 3D game engines in medical equipment.  Later they go on to describe the effect games have had on the computer industry being the biggest reason for innovations in speed and storage research in modern computers far surpassing military and business needs.

This article has been the best fit for my research yet and has provided me with a lot of great details as far as the vast influence that games have had on our everyday lives as well as technology.  The information about the push that games have given the computer industry as well as the uses of user-interface throughout other industries will be the most important to my research.

Smith, Roger. “The Five Forces That Are Driving the Adoption of Game Technologies within.” Game Impact Theory (2009): 1-31.



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