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Research 9: _Forward and Sideways Progress

After reading a bunch of report and articles for my project i have decided that by only talking about the influence of user-interface over other interfaces in society do not sufficiently cover the topic i had hoped for.  I have decided to expand my subject to the more important feature of games and their influence over modern technology as well business, military, and medical practices.  I have found many examples about the games industry pushing advances in much of the technology we use today, and being such a technology based culture i think it would be very important to research the complete story of the world we interact with and where the technology we hold most crucial gained most of its inspiration.  Looking back through the advancement of computer operating systems as well as medical technology we can see that games lead the pack in 3D and integrated technology making it accessible to all not just the most advanced computer engineers.  Seeing the success of the user interfaces integrated into many of the game systems have inspired much of technology to allow the user small custiomizable options as oposed to them having to figure out there own limitations.  An example can be seen when selecting a printer to print with on a local network.  Currently we see a list of available printers similar to selecting the number of players in a game giving a list of potential players.  Previously to find a printer the user would have to type in the correct address in the network or find the correct path through the interface making new printers very difficult to use, but with the success of video games and there ability to have someone with no formal training connect a controller to a game as well as link to the internet and find only their friends to chat with using simple commands has motivated other to a more user friendly interface.



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