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Research Blog #10: Reflections

With the completion of my research and me wrapping on the ending of my final paper, I think it is important to reflect on the process.  What began as very challenging research to find became easy once I played around with my search terms.  After I did that, it seemed as though I was able to find a lot of useful information very quickly.

What I got out of the information is that in order to incorporate video games into the classroom, a lot of creativity is required out of the teacher.  The teacher must be able to tie in a game that was not meant to teach that particular lesson and make it relevant.  This should be done with activities at the end.  Asking questions such as “How does this game relate to what we have been learning?” or “How could this game be changed to make it more accurate based on what we have learned?” are both extremely important.  Allowing students to make their own connections is the key to successfully incorporating video games into the classroom.



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