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Game Research Blog 9: ACL Tears and Exergames

While researching in more depth the effects exercise video games have on the rehabilitation process of various injuries, I found an interesting news article regarding the potential benefits of exercise video games in the rehabilitation process of ACL tears.  This particular article discussed the experience of NFL linebacker Kenny Pettway, who commented on the added elements of competition that video games added to rehabilitation exercise.  Also, these games have shown to produce better results and quicker recovery, where Pettway was able to eliminate the need of crutches after two months of participation in exergames.

Lemus, Richard. “Medical Reports: Video Game For ACL Tears.” Medical Reports. Janna Owen, 2009. Web. 27 June 2013.



2 thoughts on “Game Research Blog 9: ACL Tears and Exergames

  1. I think what people are just finally starting to realize is that video games are not just objects that create violent people that do horrible things. While many people that do not understand video games talk as if video games cause all these problems, there are people that understand what video games actually do for society. It really does make sense though. Many modern video games require exercise and movement. This could be beneficial because the level of difficulty is completely up to the player. A person that really wants a good workout can have one, while a person that is still in the process of healing an injury can focus on rehabilitation. What needs to happen is people need to start really understanding the benefits of many video games on the body and the mind. To do this would definitely be a tricky process however.

    Posted by jamesste | June 28, 2013, 12:06 pm
  2. Yeah, I defiantly think that video games widely get a bad wrap in our society, with the mass media pushing all these negative stereotypes between video games and violence, while largely bypassing the many positives that can come from the incorporation of video games in our lives. While I agree that this process of incorporating video games into various activities can be difficult, when properly used and the individual has the right mindset, video games can be used positively for not only exercise, but other areas as well. Utilizing these video games for exercise or mental health or whatever it is, I think video games deserve to be taken more seriously when approaching these ideas.

    Posted by bgwhipple | June 28, 2013, 4:28 pm

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