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Random Battles (Research Blog3)

As expected, I’m struggling to find too many articles that are specific enough to directly apply to any of my prospective theses, as after my previous update I haven’t been able to find as much as I’d like on gaming criticism. I did, however, come across a fascinating and quite lengthy article on the “cultural politics” of the Final Fantasy series. Specifically, ” By accounting for the narrative, visual and procedural representations in various iterations of the series, this essay argues that Final Fantasy games can also be understood as toys that allow players to experiment with different responses to cultural difference.”

If there are enough articles analyzing this series specifically, perhaps I can pack an essay with research like this and just produce a study on the history, cultural and critical impact of my favorite series. There’s an extraordinary amount to explore here, and chronicling the progress of the series, the effects it has had on the gaming landscape, and how different entries in the series were reflective of world culture at the time of their release could very well fill up a 3,000 word paper.

Voorhees, Gerald. “Game Studies – The Character of Difference: Procedurality, Rhetoric, and Roleplaying Games.” Game Studies – Issue 1202, 2012. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 June 2013. <http://gamestudies.org/0902/articles/voorhees&gt;.



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