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Res. 8: Thesis Paragraph

Imagine you are a kid again. Your mother comes in at six-thirty A.M. sharp every morning to wake you up and ship you off to school. You think to yourself every morning as you groggily slump through the morning routine, ‘man, I hate school.’ You go to class and half listen to your teacher who is pulling her hair out trying to get you to memorize information before the big test. You go home completely unsatisfied with the last six hours of your life and can’t wait to engage yourself in something that gets your heart pumping. Unfortunately, this format of schooling remains. State testing has augmented into a heavy weight placed on the shoulders of the very students it is evaluating while teachers struggle to compete for their student’s attention with forms of highly stimulating entertainment. But what if there was a way to get kids excited when they wake up at the break of dawn? What if there was a way to make kids thrilled to do school work, on site and at home? Video games may be the very answer to these questions. Studies have shown that educational games promote positive stress, induce creativity and teach materials more effectively. Incorporating not only video games but any type of game into the kindergarten through twelfth grade curriculum could solve the engagement issue kids have with the modern schooling system.



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