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Research Blog #5

One article I found brought up the idea of “Flow” that we read about in McGonigal’s book. They describe it as the “State of optimal experience, whereby a person is so engaged in activity that self-consciousness disappears, time becomes distorted and people engage in complex, goal-directed activity, not for external rewards but for simply the exhilaration of doing” (3). They then go on to say that this could create a more engaging education for students. Students have almost no control over what they learn or how they learn it. If students got the “flow” experience while learning, they would be much  more inclined to do so. I will definitely use this in my paper as flow is a very positive emotion that is connected with video games that I think is important to the argument for using video games in the learning process.

Squire, Kurt. “Video Games In Education.” N.p., n.d. Web.





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