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Research Blog #6

An article I read discusses the controversy surrounding the negative effects of video games. It is said that people who play violent video games show violent behavior and it is also said that video games have negative affects such as addiction, isolation and poor school performance. The article goes on to show that all of the research done to try and prove these theories has been inconclusive. There is no scientific evidence that is solid enough o prove that any of these negative effects are real. I think that this will be important to include in my paper because I think that these “negative effects” are what drive everyone away from the thought of using video games in education.

AGUILERA, MIGUEL DE, and ALFONSO ALFONSO M…NDIZ. “Video Games and Education (Education in the Face of a ìParallel Schoolî).” N.p., n.d. Web.




One thought on “Research Blog #6

  1. A common defense mechanism that these theorists have is the ties between the school shootings and the shooters playing video games a lot. These people had psychological disorders and when they went off of their medications, went clinically insane and shot up schools and buildings. I completely agree and none of the articles I found had truly conclusive research along with a strong communicative bias (which is the stretching of results of research to prove something that cannot be concluded by the research done)

    Posted by jbort94 | June 27, 2013, 8:55 pm

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