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Research Post #7: Some concrete data

This is an important piece of research because it gives me some concrete data that is controlled in the way that previous articles have described. This particular article takes three different groups of people and measures the effect of violent media and video games on how violent and depressed they are. The findings show that for the groups of Mexican-American and English young men, neither violent media or video games had any effect on how violent or depressed they were. For Croatian young men, violent video games reduced their tendency for violence slightly where violent media increased it. This will be good concrete data for my paper which will help to prove my thesis.

This is an interesting article to use because one of the author’s is also an author of another paper I have cited. This appears to be a credible source as it has been published in a peer reviewed journal.



Ferguson, Christopher J., John Colwell, Boris Mlacˇic, Goran Milas, and Igor Mikloušic. “Personality and Media Influences on Violence and Depression in a Cross-national Sample of Young Adults: Data from Mexican–Americans, English and Croatians.” Computers in Human Behaivor (2011): n. pag. Print.



One thought on “Research Post #7: Some concrete data

  1. This is a very interesting finding largely due to something we have been talking about. The media claims that video games produce violent people. Of course this is an exaggeration, but it seems as though not much research has been done on it, or rather the media chooses not to bring up any of this research in their headlines since it goes against what they always preach. I also find it interesting though that violent video games have a different impact on different groups of people. I guess it shows how video games all designed for everyone, but yet some groups of people may not take in the information the way it was meant to be given.

    Posted by jamesste | June 28, 2013, 11:50 am

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