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The “Need More Sources” Reservior (Research Blog9)

This is pretty solid goldmine. Also from that “The Game Critique” site (immensely useful! What a find), there’s a lengthy article dedicated to combating Roger Ebert’s notorious claim that videogames are not art. Specifically, the author of the article has compiled a thorough collection of essays of other writers and their stance against Ebert. It’s essentially an article crammed with hyperlinks to other useful sources.

What I’m hoping is that a bunch of these sources—in their efforts to highlight and articulate the merits of videogames and why they deserve the distinction of art—will point out the value of games and, in turn, the many ways in which they have come to be evaluated. This will be my “need more sources” reservoir if I get the feeling that I’m becoming a little sparse with my essay references.

Swain, Eric. “The Ebert Response.” The Game Critique | A Critical Assessment of Video Games. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 June 2013. <http://www.thegamecritique.com/recent-posts/the-ebert-response/2145/&gt;.



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