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To complete the set

This book was a wild ride through a not so distant future that shows the value of safety as well as knowing your 1980’s movies. I thought it was an interesting book with the hardcore chase that starts with Wade just trying to have fun and allow himself to dream of a better place to the serious threat that the IOI posed. Like all things when money gets involved everything turns upside-down and his abilities become his curse. I like the dichotomy of the story with his biggest talent being the thing that has placed him in the most danger but I have to respect him for sticking to his guns and not selling out. In the end the hero is rewarded for his determination and even gets the girl but finally begins to accept reality. I guess life is easier to handle when you are rich and not living in stacked trailers.

I also really liked the 80’s references used throughout all of the events making me form a stronger connection to the book through my own history with these movies and games. I would have performed very well in most of the classic games but I will have to admit it has been a while since i have watched a few of the movies. I also liked the sense of flow that was given when the character was achieving the goals throughout the book similar to what McGonigal mentions giving him a sense of positive work.




One thought on “To complete the set

  1. I agree, I thought this book was an awesome read. I would not have read it if it were not fort his class but I am glad that I did. It was really interesting to see the phases that Wade went through throughout the course of the book. It was also really interesting to see the types of technology he uses and its interesting to think about the idea of our future having some of these same things. While I am not sure if I think it would be a good thing or a bad thing for our society and humanity to have these types of technology, it would still be fun to live a day in the life of Wade. I also thought that the sense of flow that Wade encounters throughout the book was cool as it reinforces the positive feelings we have learned about that are associated with video games.

    Posted by sierrasu | June 27, 2013, 6:28 pm

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