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Video games and violence

Many people misunderstand the implications video games put on people’s lives.  They feel as though they are a distraction and the harm they feel these games do, but in reality, these games are a huge part of the world of some of these kids.  Everyone is human and in turn have things that frustrate, anger, excite, and enjoy their time on this world, but with everything that happens, it is nice to find an escape.  With every problem there is an escape and for many kids, this escape is all they have, their video games are that escape.  The violence and external influences these games have on a person do not effect them in terms of behavior because an escape is a reason to get out of reality, not have it influence their reality.  For some, it is first person shooters, and others it is Words with Friends, or exercise games.  None of these effect the violent tendencies of children or adults in today’s world.  A major point in my project is to show that these games are not causing more violence, but are being forced into this misunderstanding and now being held at gunpoint for an action it has not done.  Games provide an escape, they immerse people in an unrealistic world which they can live and be happy in, and be separate from their real life.  For Parcival it is the same ideal, he is happy within the OASIS, at least until the end of the book.  Children need this escape and need to not have it taken away for a misunderstanding about video game violence.



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