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Clash of Clans Review

Clash of Clans
Currently my favorite game right now is Clash of Clans. I have been playing this game since Thanksgiving and that new game feeling has yet to wear off. This game is very similar to computer games like Civilization, where you have to create your own village, or clan if you will. The major difference is that it is much simpler than Civilization. In Clash of Clans everything is about war. You start off with one builder and one town hall. You use the builder to create building to improve your town and make it stronger. Early on you need to learn how to collect resources. There are four types of resources in the game, and each can only be used for specific things. The first, and most universal resource is called a gem. Gems are the way the creators of the game make money. Because Clash of Clans is a free app from the app store, anyone with an apple product can download it. Every free game has something you can buy with real money to give you the upper hand in the game. In Clash of Clans, those are gems. They can be used in a number of ways. The way I like to use them it to speed up buildings that are being built or upgraded. I will explain this in greater detail later. Another use for gems is to exchange them for other resources. There are only two ways to get gems, the first I already mentioned, by paying for them, the other is to harvest them by removing rocks, bushes and trees. The second type of resource is gold. This is a very important resource because gold is used to create and upgrade your town hall and defensive structures. Defensive structures are things like walls, cannons, archer towers, and mortars. These structures protect your town from raiders. Gold is easier to get than gems. One of the first buildings you will create are gold mines. Over time these mines with harvest the gold from the ground for you, all you have to do is tap on the mine and your villagers will transport the gold from the mines to your collector for you. That way can be time consuming and tedious. There is one other way to get gold, besides trading gems for it, and that is by raiding. I will explain that later as well. The third resource you need is called elixir. Elixir is used to build and upgrade your offensive structures. These structures include your army, spells, army camps, and barracks. Just like with gold, elixir can either be harvested from the ground through mines, or by raiding other people’s villages. The last, and harder to get resources is dark elixir. This resource can only be harvested with a special mine, but it can also be stolen in raids. Dark elixir is used on special troops, that is how you create them and upgrade them. The next thing you nee to know about the game is that everything is time based. everything you build takes one builder, a predetermined cost (in any of the three resources), and a predetermined amount of time. For example, in order to upgrade your town hall from level 8 to level 9 you need to pay one builder 3 million in gold and it will take him ten days to finish the job. Everything from building structures, to building troops, to harvesting resources takes a certain amount of time. And the time changes as you level up. Raiding is one of the most important aspects of the game. The idea is to build up a strong army, using the elixir you already have. An army consists of several different creatures, each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. each one costs a different amount of elixir to create and time to complete. Once you have an army created you can raid. There are two different places you can raid each with different rules. The first, and probably the easiest is in the single player. In single player you can attack the computer, and by attacking you can steal all the resources they have. In multiplayer you can attack other villages and steal resources from them. Now obviously if you can raid other people’s bases and steal their resources, the same can be done to you. If that does happen to you, you get the option of of revenging whoever attacked you. There is one last thing you need to know about raiding and that is what cups, or trophies are. Cups are how you are judged compared to other players in the game. Every time you win a battle, either someone invades you and you win or you destroy someone else’s base, you win trophies. Every time you lose, either at your base or someone else’s, you lose trophies. Typically the game tries to get people with similar trophy level to attack one another. You win a battle, it you are attacking, by doing one of two things. The first it to destroy your opponents town hall, if you do that, you win no matter what. The second is to destroy fifty percent of the structures on your opponents base. The basic concept of this game is to have the best base. One of my favorite features in the game is the ability to join a clan. Once you rebuild the clan castle it gives you the option to join into a clan of your choice, or create your own clan. the purpose of the clan is so people can donate troops to one another to be used for invading and protecting your base. This game is extremely fun. one of my favorite things about it is the fact that you don’t have to sit there and play it for hours. You can play for short amounts of time and come back to it later, because everything is based off of time. Everyone can play it, as long as you have apple device.



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