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Final Research Post

I feel it is fitting for my last post to be more of a sum of as apposed to anything else. Lets start by giving a statistic. The five biggest video game markets in the world are 1) USA-$13.6B 2) Japan-$7B 3) China-$6.8B 4) South Korea-$5B and 5) UK-$3B. Now lets look at the deaths per 100,000 by firearms. US-10.2 Japan-0.07 China-0.19 South Korea-0.13 and the UK- 0.25. Several things thing can be taken away from this statistic, but one of the first ones that should be looked at is how easy it is for someone to obtain a gun in this country. this should be extremely evident after we learned that the Sandy Hook shooter was denied a gun but still managed to find one. Now I know my topic is about video games and violence and not about gun control, but my point is that while violent video games may not be the best thing for children, its shouldn’t be looked at as anything more than one possible factor in a long list. More definitive research must be done before we can say if violent video games are a major source of violence.

Carey, Benedict. “Shooting in the Dark.” The New York Times. N.p., 11 Feb. 2013. Web. 28 June 2013.



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