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Is Halliday Responsible?

Throughout Ready Player One, I kept wondering if Halliday’s gigantic fortune was the cause of the problem? Halliday and OG were said to have some of the largest sums of money in the novel’s world. If his hundreds of billions were to be pumped back into the world, could it have made a difference? Art3mis certainly thinks so. Wade is not so optimistic. It is hard to tell. Halliday was a genius, but he also was detached from the world. He did not care what happened to humanity nearly as much as he cared about the 1980s. Even if Halliday wasn’t the ¬†problem, the distribution of wealth, coupled with the irresponsible use of resources, monetary and natural ones, were the problem.



3 thoughts on “Is Halliday Responsible?

  1. Its difficult to point a finger at the wealthy in the novel and say they are the source of the problem. Although poverty is a big issue, the main issue is the lack of a fuel source which has delved the world into a state of chaos. There is no doubt that pumping more funding into alternate fuel research would definitely help, but money can’t fix everything, and although Art3mis thinks money can help end hunger, I don’t even know if she’s convinced it will fix every problem the world has.

    Posted by Ben Tarhan | June 28, 2013, 9:50 pm
  2. Good call, its easy to point the finger too soon. But still, it didn’t seem like there was a real world-saving presence in the book (other than Art3mis). So if we are pointing fingers, maybe it would be good to point out that it could have just been Wade not seeing it as important to share that kind of information. Of course, it really wasn’t part of the narrative, so maybe we can’t blame him either.

    I still think, especially in the face of the end of humanity, those with the resources have the responsibility of doing. Maybe they didn’t cause the problem, but they need work to fix it if the Earth is at steak. It does get pretty complex when you get into it. People are all just trying to survive and enjoy life so I suppose you can’t really blame anyone.

    Posted by chasecon | June 28, 2013, 10:35 pm
  3. Halliday taught people more than money’s worth, he taught them motivation and managed to drag millions of people to search to the ends of the earth for their holy grail. The money was meaningless to him and it was more of the old saying, “playing the game, for the game’s own sake” and teaching people to see past the real life implications and look closer at the morals and ethics put into these games.

    Posted by jbort94 | June 29, 2013, 7:29 pm

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