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Research 10: _Finally got it together

After much research and having to slightly change my topic I have arrived at a final product that makes a strong argument connecting games to technology in our culture.  The answer was simple, our culture is based on the tech. we use every day shaping our ability to perform tasks at home and work.  With technology getting more advanced each year we would be struggling to keep up if it wasn’t for game designer’s ability to bring a powerful and intuitive user interface to the people.  This focus on simplicity and artificial intelligence touches us each day from our phones to the programs we use which let us know when we make mistakes and fix spelling errors without provocation.  We are surrounded by technology that we have no idea how it works but anyone can walk up to an ATM or gas pump and use it without thinking twice, thank you user friendly user interface.    

Although I have high hopes for further game innovations being used in our everyday lives I think that there will always be a place for manual controls and switches.  There is just something very satisfying about flipping a switch or pressing a button that gesture controls and touch screens can’t provide. 



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