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Research Blog #10

Research Blog #10: The homestretch. I am putting the finishing touches on my paper and decided last minute that I needed to add a little more meat. I quickly scanned the articles I had saved for this particular occasion. I came across this article from NPR entitled “Video Games Boost Brain Power, Mutlitasking Skills” that focuses on very specific physical changes that people can go through as a result of gameplay. They bring to the table the ability to see different shades of gray more readily as a result of playing video games which could prove to be useful if you are driving in fog. They also talk about bridging the gender gap. Video games give people the opportunity to exercise skills they might not otherwise have the opportunity to work on (regardless of gender) and subsequently levels the playing field. 



One thought on “Research Blog #10

  1. I read a lot of articles that talked about this topic as well. I learned that people who play video games can, on average, focus on more than 6 things at once while a non-player can only handle 4! Video games work all areas of your brain which is not something that many other activities in life can do. I think it is interesting that they help with being able to see different shades of gray easier and that this could help with driving in fog. Another thing I came across is that while violent video games are seen as negative, they can improve the sharpness of your vision by making you look for a small target on the screen and shoot it.

    Posted by sierrasu | June 29, 2013, 12:11 am

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