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Research Blog #5

Research Blog #5: Incorporating class readings. We are very fortunate to have been given a number of amazing resources from which to begin our research. I want to look deeply into How to do Things with Videogames, My Life as a Night Elf Priest, and Reality is Broken. I believe these three specifically have something very interesting to offer in terms of my topic. Nardi, Bogost, and McGonigal have all made powerful assertions about the positive and logistical societal contributions of video games. Nardi uses experiences within the context of World of Warcraft to both establish the difference between work and play (reality and this alternate, virtual reality) and the importance of the latter in life. Bogost begins a powerful discussion in his chapter entitled work that outlines the numerous positive outcomes of certain types of games (particularly performative). Finally, McGonigal began this semester (and her Reality is Broken) by focusing on the fixes of society that games may provide.



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