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Research Blog #7

Research Blog #7: Analysis #2. “Wee Wii: Preschoolers and Motion-Based Game Play”

One of my assertions in my paper relates back to practical usage of gaming technology. Aside from the obvious entertainment value, as a society we can utilize the desire for virtual realities to our advantage. This article gives an adequate example of ways in which we can apply gaming to our everyday lives. This article seeks to explore “the range of physical and cognitive abilities of preschoolers in the context of motion-based game play, how preschoolers interact with the Wii, and specifically how they handle the various forms of play and game mechanics offered by the games currently on the market for this platform; and understand the expectations of the parents of preschoolers with regard to these new gaming platforms” (Akerman). If we were to do research in the applications of gameplay in other facets of society, we could accurately assess the best possible way to introduce gaming into our everyday lives for practical use (not just entertainment value).



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