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Research Post #5

While reading a second article from the same publisher, several important ideas were brought up. Before I get into the details, I first want to state that I agree with the fact that there should be restrictions on the games kids play. These facts may seem like common sense, but they can’t be over-looked. Children are, by definition, vulnerable and immature. “They haven’t fully learned to make decisions that are healthy for them. And, by extension, we’ve decided as a culture on a group of things that are unhealthy for children. These include alcohol, tobacco and X-rated movies”. I think that Is an excellent point, we already have several restrictions on what children under the age of 21 can do, why is restricting overly inappropriate video games any different?

Dill, Karen, PhD. “How Fantasy Becomes Reality.” Sex Is Too Obscene for Kids, but Violence Isn’t? Brown v. Entertainment Merchants. Psychology Today, 27 June 2011. Web. 28 June 2013.



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