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Research Post #8

As I continue to read, I am finding more and more people complain about the type of testing and research being done on this topic. One of the main complaints is that these studies do not directly measure real world violence. This question is hard to combat, but not impossible. From what I understand, the complaint is based more in the violent acts within the games themselves. How can you correlate the idea that playing games like Call of Duty will lead kids to grow up and think it’s ok to shoot up their neighborhood? while the game does depict you using guns and aiming at people, shooting in a war where you have to in order t survive is a bit of a stretch from randomly shooting up a residential area for no particular reason. Another piece of information that seems to be relevant to this problem is the fact that in the past 15 years, sales of video games have consistently increased whereas homicides, rapes and aggravated assaults during this same time have decreased. Not this is not to say that violent games create less violence, but none the less it is another fact that should not be ignored when evaluating this situation as a whole.



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