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Research Post #9: Violent Video games vs. Non violent ones

This research paper raises an interesting point that it is not in fact the violence in video games that does or doesn’t contribute to aggressive violent behavior, but maybe it is the mechanism in achieving goals that contributes. This thought process coincides with what McGonigal said made video games most addicting in her book. The paper states that subjects remembered un completed tasks more than completed tasks because they still recalled the goal of the uncompleted task where as the completed task they no longer needed to remember the goal. This theory goes a long way in saying any video games contributes more to non violent behavior than to violent behavior because of most video games tendency to be goal based. In this course we have discussed how the games that are most successful are those that have clear defined goals and leave a clear path how to complete these goals. The main difference of this study from the catharsis theories that I have discussed previously is not that violence in video games alleviates further desire for violence, but that achieving goals placed before in in a video game is in fact what reduces violence.

This is another credible source. I have read articles with this paper cited as a source and it was also published in a reputable peer reviewed journal.


Denzler, Marcus, Jens Förster, and Nira Liberman. “How Goal-fulfillment Decreases Aggression.” Www.socolab.com. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 6 Sept. 2008. Web. 28 June 2013.



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